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There's power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice." - Michelle Obama

Rasheda Hatchett Media provides leadership coaching and training for highly motivated nurse leaders ready to up-level their careers and transform the culture of nursing. Our coaching program prepares you to:


  • Up-level your communication skills 

  • Own your unique voice 

  • Lead with confidence

  • Elevate your Personal SuperPower 

  • Retain talented team members 

  • Inspire Your Team to Greatness  

  • Increase your organizational value 


We serve an array of leaders, managers, and directors who are:

New to leadership:

Those ready to learn how to transition to the boardroom and Show Up Powerfully. 


Preparing for a new role:

Those ready to take steps to develop the skills needed to thrive in your next role 

Honing their craft:

Those ready to proactively work on the leadership, communication, and resilience skills needed to adapt to our ever-changing workforce

Let us take your there!

 Standout as a leader and change agent




Rasheda Hatchett, MN, RN/ CEO

Rasheda is a Coach, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker and resilience expert. She has deep roots in leading and mentoring women to find their voice and hone their unique leadership vision.

She provides original, evidenced- based insight that pinpoints ideal resilience building techniques to aid women to advance their lives, businesses, and careers. Rasheda specializes in helping high-achieving leaders optimize their teams reach and productivity. She uses strategy, leading theory, and proven techniques to improve organizational resilience, resulting in increased employee engagement, improved employee satisfaction, and greater employee retention, leading to cost savings and better client relations.

Rasheda is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Certified National Wellness Institute Resilience and Thriving facilitator, registered nurse, and educator with a passion for nurse wellness.

My Story

I always knew nursing was my calling. What I didn’t know and what I was never prepared for was the amount of resilience I needed to not only get through nursing school, but to get through nursing life! There was no class or even a webinar that broke down the need for a full “Resilience Benefits Package” to get through the years of compassion related stress and lackluster leadership I would experience as a nurse. 


I spent years trying to figure out just how to bounce-back from the toxic work environments, losing patients, sick children, nurse bullying, and the expectation that I was to do it all over again the next day without missing a beat. Not to mention that my personal life still came with the stressors of being a mother, wife, and devoted daughter. This for me, was where resilience met the road! I began to do some serious work to figure out how to use resilience as my superpower and use my leadership skills to help women bounce back and thrive. 

I saw a true need for women's wellness and leadership, so I took my leadership background and resilience expertise and started coaching women  using my resilience strategies to help them find their voice and lead from a place of confidence and authenticity.


Resilience is knowing that you are the only one that has the power and responsibility to pick yourself up” – Mary Holloway 

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