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Burnout is a multi-billion-dollar preventable problem in the U.S. With more people suffering from burnout than ever before, organizations have a responsibility to stop this avoidable “virus” that is sabotaging their businesses. As a nurse, I know firsthand the effects of high stress on the body and how it impacts performance in the workplace, leading to sick employees and hefty spending.   

As employees have become more acutely aware of the negative effects’ burnout has on their physical, mental, and spiritual health, they’ve become less willing to stay with an organization that doesn’t place value on workplace wellness. As wellness has become more of a priority, employees are running from stressful work environments in search of an organization that can offer them less stress and improved work-life harmony. This preventable loss of talent results in decreased morale and increased costs to replace and train new employees for the organization.

Rasheda is going to walk you through how to:

  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction through resilient leadership practices
  • Decrease turnover and increase trust and loyalty from your team
  • Reduce burnout through creating a culture of resilience

The Power of Organizational Resilience: How to Retain Talent...

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