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December 16th

12 pm EST/9 am PT

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  • You'll learn how to increase employee engagement and satisfaction through resilient leadership practices

  • Understand how to decrease turnover and increase trust and loyalty from your team

  • Reduce burnout through creating a culture of resilience

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Author, Speaker, Resilience Based Leadership Strategist and Consultant of Rasheda Hatchett Media, LLC, a coaching, and consulting firm steeped in her passion for leadership through the lens of resilience. She is a resilience expert and certified John Maxwell Team Coach.

Rasheda is dedicated to working with organizations in need of a culture shift with a focus on resilience in the workplace as a cure for burnout, decreased engagement, and preventable costs associated with employee turnover.

Rasheda is a Seattle native and a two-time graduate of the University of Washington where she attained both her BSN and Master’s in Nurse Education with Honors. She resides in Tacoma, Washington with her husband, son and two bonus-daughters. Rasheda is available for: Resilience Workshops, Webinars, and Leadership trainings. For more information visit me at:

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