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  • You’ve diagnosed yourself with failure to thrive and can’t seem to turn it around (you’re going through the motions but your drowning) 

  • You've got that new job, but feel unprepared (you feel like an imposter)

  • You dread having to talk in meetings (you're just not confident in the room) 

  • You feel guilty for secretly hating the job you prayed and asked God for (You should be grateful, it's your dream job, right?)

  • You have tried to fill your time with “guilty pleasures”. A new bag, that cute pair of shoes, (but it ain't hardly working)

  • You are burnt out from chasing success (you know you can’t go on like this, you need help)

  • You are on the sidelines watching as others advance (You just want to win and have more success in your life, too

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Listen to what real people say about their transformation!

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It's Time to T.H.R.I.V.E!

My transformative coaching program Audacity To THRIVE, will propel you toward the life and career you’ve dreamed of, helping you confidently show up and tap into the resilience you need to create lasting change in your life and career. You will find yourself living in clarity, facing life head on, feeling free to live the life you are destined to live! Now is the time to THRIVE!

Audacity To T.H.R.I.V.E!

1:1 and group coaching with Rasheda; I will help you take BIG.BOLD.ACTION toward your goals and THRIVE in your life and career. Through my program Audacity to THRIVE!, you'll learn to never allow the imposter to stop you again, you'll gain the confidence to show up POWERFULLY in the world! You will get:

  • Private coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs

  • Bite-sized assignments to fit into your busy schedule 

  • Group Coaching sessions   

  • Access to my exclusive FB group to network with like-minded leaders 

  • A copy of my latest book "Sis, It's Time to Thrive!"

  • Unlimited email access to me for questions  


Rasheda will always leave a person feeling better off than she found them. I admire her innate ability to give life to her encounters with others. She can see patterns and light in the places that are often impossible for others to see themselves. Because of Rasheda and her guidance towards resilience, I have been able to renew my passion and excitement for my profession. If you are looking to create a healthy and balanced life by overcoming burnout and fear while embracing self-care and self-love, Rasheda will get you there!

— Shavonne R. BSN, RN

“Leadership doesn't come with a crown, it's about open doors, collaboration, and inspiring others” — Rasheda Hatchett

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