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Urban Excellence Marketing Masterclass

Unleash Your Confidence To Create Massive Success!

November 16th 6PM PST

In This MasterClass You Will:

Listen to Michelle's Testimonial

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Young Businesswomen

Who Is Rasheda Hatchett?

Rasheda Hatchett is believer in the transforming power of making a decision to succeed. She is the creator of Audacity To Thrive a coaching program designed for women on the rise who are ready to expand and lead audaciously in the world. 

She empowers women to unleash their power and walk boldly into their next level, creating the life they've always dreamt of and the success to follow. 

Rasheda helps her clients confidently close deals, get promotions, secure speaking opportunities, but most importantly she helps them reignight their passion to walk in their purpose. 

She is on a mission to guide powerful unicorns confidently into their next level! 

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Let's Get Clear...


This is NOT for you if...

  • If you're okay with settling 

  • If you're comfortable in your comfort zone 

  • If you're not ready to levelup 

Who Is This For?

  • You're ready to take Audacious Action to your next level!

  • You're committed to showing up and Doing the work 

  • You're an ambitious Unicorn, a one-of-kind gem who's committed to implementing transformational strategies  

Smiling Businesswoman

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You're In! See You Inside the MasterClass

UE Masterclass
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